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''My time with Savannah was exceptional. She has great looks, facial, body, and especially her natural D breast. Her service was amazing. She is definitely into it and wants to please you. Her personality also was great and I had a really fun time talking to her too. I will definitely see her again when I come back!''

''Had the pleasure of spending time with Savannah a few weeks ago. She looks as delicious in real life as her pictures suggest.''

''I had a great time with Savannah. She is smart, creative and very skilled at dirty talk. I mentioned to her that there was one area of kink that I had always wanted to explore and she took the initiative and did it for me - very well. I will repeat for sure!'' 

''Saw Savannah today, she's absolutely amazing. Super sweet, super sensual and super sexy. I can't see how anyone wouldn't love her!''

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Duo Savannah Rose & Lisamarie Johnson INCREDIBLE!&highlight=Savannah

''I was fortunate to experience the once in a lifetime opportunity of a duo session with the lovely Lisamarie Johnson and Savannah Rose. Both women are just as gorgeous, if not better looking in person. They have amazing personalities and I could spend hours with them. Hopefully, I will again in the future.'' 

Duo Savannah Rose & Stella Stein

''A booking process that inspires confidence. Bubbly, friendly personalities. Enthusiastic, smiling, and very dynamic action. I cannot possibly stress enough that this is only a small part of what made the evening extra memorable. A word of warning: highly addictive material. Savannah and Stella, you are very special in the way you do this. You deserve from your clients the same positive, friendly and respectful attitude you bring to the date.

''Savannah looks better than the photos. Half of everything is attitude, and she has a great personality. Lovely lady, whom I would certainly recommend.''

''Was a pure perverse joy, highly recommended will do it again. If you really want a good time and have sex in the same time, look not further!''

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